Welcome to Aberlink Innovative Metrology.

The largest UK owned manufacturer of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), vision systems and 3D measurement software.

Aberlink's CMMs and innovative metrology products are renowned throughout the world for being easy to use, great value for money and providing customers with measuring solutions they can trust. We design and manufacture products that increase component through-put and remove inspection bottlenecks, helping to exceed quality requirements.

Latest Case Studies

Controlled Power Technologies Metrology Case Study

Controlled Power Technologies

CPT's Aberlink CMM precisely measures geometric features on components to provide rapid feed-back to production. Learn more..

Weymouth Precision Engineers Metrology Case Study

Weymouth Precision Engineers

Accuracy of Axiom too HS CMM helps WPE to ensure quality of parts delivered, at impressive speeds. Learn more..

European CNC Turned Parts Metrology Case Study

European CNC Turned Parts

The Axiom too Coordinate Measuring Machine further improves already high quality standards and inspection capabilities for European CNC. Learn more..

Jamestan Engineering Metrology Case Study

Jamestan Engineering

Xtreme CMM enables inspection department to concentrate on tasks such as final inspection, with all in-process checks made on the shop-floor. Learn more..