Latest Case Studies

GKN Plc Metrology Case Study


Before encountering inspection bottlenecks, GKN began a search for a second, larger, CMM that was more capable and had the benefit of CNC operation. Learn more..

DJJ Precision Engineering Metrology Case Study

DJJ Precision Engineering

To help the company retain its reputation for quality, raise its precision capabilities DJJ recently searched for a suitable advanced Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Learn more..

A Wrate Engineering Metrology Case Study

A Wrate Engineering

The diverse nature and the varied operating characteristics of CMM manufacturers' software means that the deciding factor for potential purchasers is frequently the CMM's software. Learn more..

Ardor Engineering CMM Case Study

Ardor Engineering

Ardor required a CMM that had the ability to perform rapid, automated measuring routines that could handle the large volume of high precision work passing through the company's quality department. Learn more..