Welcome to Aberlink Innovative Metrology.

The largest UK-owned manufacturer of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), vision systems and 3D measurement software.

Aberlink's CMMs and innovative metrology products are renowned throughout the world for being easy to use, great value for money and providing customers with measuring solutions they can trust. We design and manufacture products that increase component through-put and remove inspection bottlenecks, helping to exceed quality requirements.

Latest Case Studies

Alpha Precision Engineering CMM Case Study

Alpha Precision Engineering

"Fast accurate CMM inspection results can be achieved close to the point of manufacture with our two new shop-floor Xtreme CMMs." Learn more..

Nasmyth Bulwell Metrology Case Study

Nasmyth Bulwell

"The efficiencies realised through use of our new shop-floor CMM mean that we plan to purchase further Xtreme models in the future." Learn more..

Meridian Medical Metrology Case Study

Meridian Medical Ltd

"Our new Aberlink CMM removed the potential for hold-ups in our QA department with rapid, automated inspection routines." Learn more..

Martin Aerospace Metrology Case Study

Martin Aerospace

"The Xtreme delivers precision on our shop-floor and reduced the time between the machining of components and dimension verification." Learn more..