Latest Case Studies

Weymouth Precision Engineers Metrology Case Study

Weymouth Precision Engineers

Accuracy of Axiom too HS CMM helps WPE to ensure quality of parts delivered, at impressive speeds. Learn more..

European CNC Turned Parts Metrology Case Study

European CNC Turned Parts

The Axiom too Coordinate Measuring Machine further improves already high quality standards and inspection capabilities for European CNC. Learn more..

Jamestan Engineering Metrology Case Study

Jamestan Engineering

Xtreme CMM enables inspection department to concentrate on tasks such as final inspection, with all in-process checks made on the shop-floor. Learn more..

GKN Plc Metrology Case Study


Before encountering inspection bottlenecks, GKN began a search for a second, larger, CMM that was more capable and had the benefit of CNC operation. Learn more..