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Since 1976, CNC precision engineering specialists, I&G Engineering Ltd (based in the picturesque surroundings of Ystalyfera in the Upper Swansea Valley), have built a reputation based upon high-quality workmanship and superior customer service, proven out by long-standing customers and repeat work.

For over 40 years, continued growth and expansion has been fuelled through a program of investment in machinery, technology and in the investment of people. I&G run an extremely successful and comprehensive apprentice program, presenting young would-be engineers with real world, hands-on engineering experience. It's this commitment to training that found the company awarded with the Investors in People accreditation.

Able to handle any machining project, utilising a wide range of materials, from stainless steel and aluminium, to titanium and plastics, I&G regularly take on engineering work for many diverse sectors of industry including Medical, Aerospace and Food and Beverage.

Proudly accredited to ISO9001:2015 and with customers expecting the highest quality parts and components, through strict control processes, I&G strive to produce absolute quality. However, due to an increased workload and the need to speed-up throughput, quality and inspection was singled-out as an area that would benefit from further efficiencies.

I&G's engineering director, Michael Evans, explains: "There was a clear need to provide customers with faster more accurate results. When customers visited us and we mentioned we were looking into getting a CMM, they were keen to stress the importance of this technology."

At a time when state-of-the-art measurement capabilities have become a necessity rather than an optional inspection method, Michael said: "If a customer visits your website and sees that you don't have a CMM, there's a good chance they'd question how parts are being measured, brush you off and move onto the next company."

Aided by an Innovation Grant from the Welsh government, I&G started a search into the many Coordinate Measuring Machines available on the market. Michael continues: "We had some contact with Aberlink a few years ago, but it wasn't really the right time for us to invest in the technology. We had looked at other available CMMs, but Aberlink were very competitively priced and have got a good name for themselves. Numerous engineering companies surrounding us seemed to favour Aberlink CMMs."

Sold as a complete inspection solution, I&G placed an order for an advanced Axiom too CNC CMM with large 640x1500x500mm measurement volume and fully motorised probe head. Now installed in a dedicated inspection area, the company are already benefitting from the speed and accuracy that the Axiom CNC CMM offers.

Michael explains: "We produce anything from 1-offs to thousands of parts and so the reason we chose the CNC model of Aberlink's Axiom too is to allow multiple setups on the CMM for carrying out repeat work. The operator can simply pick a measurement program, put the parts on and leave them to be rapidly and fully inspected. This is freeing our staff to continue with other tasks. In addition, we also purchased Aberlink's Programming from CAD software module with the Axiom too, which has given us the ability to easily and efficiently program straight from a CAD model."

"The Axiom too is saving us so much time on inspection and the CMM's overall ease of use has resulted in rapid and enhanced quality control for all of our customers."

Designed and manufactured by Aberlink, the largest UK owned Coordinate Measuring Machine manufacturer, the Axiom too is the complete inspection system, a turnkey solution to meet the most demanding measurement requirements.

The best-selling Axiom too range of CMMs consists of capacities from 640x600x500mm up to 640x1500x500mm and is available either with manual or CNC control. Not only the easiest to use, a major benefit of Aberlink CMMs is just how affordable they are. Aberlink are proud to be the only major metrology manufacturer to supply machines with zero annual software maintenance contracts or subscriptions and, free software updates for the life of the machine. All of this means that the cost of ownership is very low and the shortest return on your investment is possible.