The recently launched Aberlink Xtreme CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine has been awarded a Gold Medal in the category of Measuring, Instrumentation and Sensors, at the International Fair of Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Control, Drives and Mechatronics, held in Katowice, Poland.

Piotr Kulig, CMM Product Manager for Oberon3D, Aberlink's Polish agent, enthused. "We were proud to be given this prestigious award as we were up against some very good competition. The Aberlink Xtreme drew large crowds to the Oberon3D exhibition stand as it is so unlike all other CMMs. In addition to the Xtreme's impressive performance, it was its inexpensive price that impressed all potential customers.

"Oberon3D has been the Polish agent for Aberlink for 8 years. We are proud to be selling this excellent range of CMMs and Vision Products that are now used throughout Poland. The Xtreme CMM is proving very popular in Poland and helping us to achieve record levels of sales."

Aberlink's Xtreme CMM is designed using a novel non-Cartesian structure and uses linear motors and mechanical bearings. This advantageous arrangement ensures that the Xtreme maintains its accuracy at very fast measurement rates and does not suffer from the accumulative inaccuracies that occur in conventional 3-axis Cartesian arrangements. As its name implies, the new Xtreme CMM offers customers a robust solution for undertaking precise inspection routines wherever they are required.

The Xtreme utilises Aberlink's renowned 3D software, ensuring greater user productivity and profitability. In essence this 'smart' software represents an intelligent measuring system that is able to automatically recognise and define the various features being measured. Aberlink 3D is the easiest to use and most intuitive CMM software currently available.