Introducing the Extol, the world’s first CMM to utilize the delta mechanism.

The delta mechanism is a common platform found in both robotics and 3D printer markets but, until now, has not ventured into the more traditional world of coordinate measuring machines. Designed for robustness and reliability, the Extol CMM can operate 24/7, making it ideal for production floor measurements whether, adjacent to a machine tool, in a manufacturing cell, or in a dedicated inspection area. At a price not much more that the cost of a motorized probe head, on a traditional cartesian bridge CMM, the EXTOL has been developed to deliver affordable coordinate metrology right at the point of production.

Ergonomics of the new EXTOL CMM were a significant factor during the machine design process, ensuring the CMM is not only quick and easy to perform one-off inspections, but also has ample access for either batch inspection or to facilitate automatic part loading by robot or transportation system. The EXTOL can be positioned exactly where measurements are needed – on the production floor.

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The Horizon, starting the linear drive revolution.

The Horizon CMM is the culmination of Aberlink’s 27 years of CMM design innovation and in-house manufacturing technology. It sets new standards in performance, reliability and ease-of-use and yet is still offered with Aberlink’s traditional extremely competitive pricing. The frictionless linear motor drives are the key to its fast, exceptionally smooth and silent motion. With no wearing parts linear motors offer the perfect solution for CMM drives, not only improving reliability and reducing maintenance, but are ideal for fast contact scanning.

The novel kinematic isolated drive system uses a tetrahedral arrangement of carbon fibre tubing to transfer the thrust from the motors through the centre of gravity of the moving parts. This drive system is completely independent of the CMM structure and not only avoids acceleration induced metrology errors but also has the effect of thermally isolating the linear motors from the metrology structure of the CMM.

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