Due to many years of continuous, impressive growth, Aberlink's exclusive American importer, Masters Precision Inc. (an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited company) have recently opened a new, technology rich and fully equipped CMM and metrology showroom near Chicago, IL. This substantial investment by Masters Precision and Aberlink reflects the strategic importance of the US market.

The primary function of this modern showroom is to meet the burgeoning domestic demand for customer demonstrations, led by significant interest in Aberlink's revolutionary CMMs, measurement software and vision machines throughout the States.

Additionally, in support of the CMMs and other measurement solutions, Masters Precision are able to offer a diverse range of services, including customer training, part programming and contract inspection, with plans to add reverse engineering and 3D printing facilities at a later date.

Founded in 1982 as a supplier of mills, lathes and tooling, Master Precision has been supporting all sectors of industry and manufacturing, globally, for 38 years. However, a 2007 acquisition by CMM servicing company, DYERCMM, saw a shift in company focus, from manufacturing distributor to quality and inspection sales - precision at an affordable price.

Three short years later and in 2010, aware of Aberlink's established global reputation, Masters began concentrating collective efforts towards selling the UK company's acclaimed range of innovative, user friendly and affordable range of CMMs and metrology products.

The largest UK owned CMM manufacturer, Aberlink's comprehensive range includes 40 variants of both CNC and manual CMM, enabling the precise measurement of the smallest of components, to parts of over 3 meters long and up to 6 tons in weight, using a variety of probing and non-contact measurement options.

For more information, US customers can contact Masters Precision Inc. by visiting: https://www.mastersprecision.com/ or by calling sales on 810-223-6315