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Improve CMM Longevity & Accuracy

Adding a filtration system to your air supply can offer significant advantages over unfiltered supplies

A normal compressed air supply can contain the following contaminants: dust, water vapour and traces of oil. All these contaminants can and will have an impact on the performance and lifespan of your machine. If a CMM became contaminated it would have to be cleaned or contaminated air bearings replaced. Using an air dryer with your machine will eliminate the risk of any airborne contamination.

Why do i need air filtration?

The air that leaves a compressor reaches 100% humidity. Aftercoolers and drains are the first line of defense against water in your system. Air dryers eliminate the residual humidity to achieve absolutely dry air for applications that require advanced air quality.

Key Features

  • Remove contaminants from your air supply
  • Better machine performance
  • Longer CMM lifespan

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