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Vision Software

Aberlink 3D Module
Aberlink 3D Vision Measurement Software

Enhance Your Aberlink CMM with Vision technology

The Aberlink Vision Software module enhances the capability of Aberlink 3D with a set of powerful vision measurement tools.

Originally written to work exclusively with Aberlink's revolutionary CMM Camera system, allowing the use of touch probe and non-contact on the same machine, the advanced vision software module is now used extensively by many other vision machine manufacturers.

Optical Accuracy

Measure geometric and complex shapes easily, features, scan profiles and inspect threads using high-accuracy edge detection and high-speed optical scanning. Simulate crosshairs and overlays, and control the camera and light settings, all from within the software.

Featuring, fully automatic edge detection tools which can be used in both manual and CNC mode ensuring fast and repeatable results without relying on the skill of the operator.

Dimensions can either be called up by clicking on the measured features in the normal way, or alternatively measurement points can be best-fitted against a DXF file. As well as edge detection the operator may use either full cross hairs or mouse cross hairs with other advanced tools available including "smart measure", centre line detection, an "all edge points" function, a "thread measure" tool and a "screen ruler" for quick measurements between any two points on the image.

Aberlink Vision Measurement


Aberlink is the only leading CMM manufacturer to offer zero-cost annual software maintenance contracts or subscriptions and free software updates, including all major releases.

Key Features

Programming Tools

  • Full colour video image
  • CNC and manual machine controls
  • Auto focus
  • Digital zoom
  • Light intensity
  • Light direction
  • Ancillary lighting

Feature Inspection

  • Automatic measurement routines
  • High speed edge detection
  • Feature recognition
  • Profile measurement
  • Surface detail and feature measurement
  • Z axis measurement using focus points
  • Centre line detection
  • Feature construction
  • High/low point detection

Screen Overlays

  • XY cross hairs
  • Angular cross hairs
  • Align to mouse click
  • Align to edge

Thread Inspection

  • Measure threads with 2 mouse clicks
  • Min, max and average thread pitch
  • Left and right flank angles
  • Effective diameter

Optical Scanning

  • Automatic 2D profile scanning
  • Scan geometric features
  • Scan individual features
  • Scan all visible features with a single mouse click
  • Digitise 2D profiles - compare to DXF

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