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Axiom too HS CMM Case Study

Having recently moved into a custom designed 10,000 square feet manufacturing facility and invested in additional advanced machine tools, Weymouth Precision Engineers bespoke new HQ is now home to 30 highly skilled operatives, management personnel and support staff. Prompted by growing customer demand, the company's expansion means it now provides highly efficient 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC milling, 3 and 4 axis CNC turning and a wide range of further manufacturing solutions.

In addition to comprehensive assembly services, JIT and KANBAN based delivery systems are offered, whilst all subcontract operations are managed through approved sources.

The management of WPE attribute its growing reputation and increases in customer demand to its philosophy of supplying high quality components and assemblies at a cost-effective price, in a timely fashion. Although ever rising production levels recently lead to inspection delays and prompted a search for a solution.

Dave Beadnell-Smith, WPE Quality Manager explained "All at Weymouth Precision Engineers have an unwavering commitment to quality, cost and delivery. Although, the company's recent expansion and ever rising demands from our growing customer base meant that our quality department began to struggle to keep-pace with production.

"As it was believed that the use of a fast acting, accurate Coordinate Measuring Machine would eliminate inspection delays a search was made for a suitable machine. Having reflected on the merits of the available makes and models, a decision was made to purchase an Axiom too HS CMM from Aberlink.

"Although we looked at several other machines, we concluded that the fast Axiom too HS CMM from Aberlink was the best available option, it also helped that the Aberlink CNC machine proved to be the easiest to use. Not only did the Axiom too HS have the required accuracy specification, it was able to undertake all inspection routines much quicker than the alternatives.

"Now in regular use, the accuracy of our new CMM helps to ensure the quality of the parts we deliver, whilst it impressive speed means that it has removed the possibility of inspection delays and it will be able to handle all anticipated rises in production levels."