Contract Inspection Request

Contract Inspection

We can measure your parts when your own inspection resources are over stretched

Fast turn around Contract Inspection service for Aberlink and non-Aberlink customers at very competitive rates.

We can provide a fully trained Aberlink applications engineer to measure your parts, or if you prefer you can simply hire the equipment and measure the parts yourself.

Inspection Services

  • First-off Inspection (ISIR)
  • Batch Inspection
  • Machine capability
  • Process capability
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Fixture verification and calibration
  • Collection and return service
  • Rapid turn around

Measurement Equipment

  • High accurate coordinate measuring machines
  • Non-contact inspection video system
  • Manual, automated and motorised probe heads
  • Probe and stylus change racks
  • Maximum component size 3m
  • Maximum component weight 1000kg
If you are in the UK and would like more information about Contract Inspection please call 01453 884461 or email