Software Careers

Whilst we don't have any specific job openings at the moment, we're always interested in hearing from people who enjoy solving real problems with software.

Who might fit in well at Aberlink?

  • You probably feel like you don't fit well in the corporate world…
  • You've enjoyed programming, solving problems and care about making good software but the reality of big company standup meetings, detailed project planning, status reports, "scrum" sprints, work tracking and performance metrics have made you question whether this is what it's really all about.
  • We are a small unconventional team focused on providing value to our customers, responding quickly to feedback, and solving real needs and we do the minimum amount of organisation to stay true to that.
  • You might not have an engineering degree, although even if you do, you'll be able to reason about and use 3D geometry maths to solve problems as part of your daily work.
  • You're able to break problems into smaller pieces and to be curious enough to explore how the existing features and your new code behaves.
  • You enjoy taking responsibility for delivering a complete piece of functionality whilst welcoming the experience of the wider team to shape and guide the approach.
  • Whilst you are committed to writing code that is easy to understand, you aren't beholden to the rigid formal patterns and practices of "Clean Code" and object-oriented design (in fact, you may even have become disillusioned with them).

If we sound like the sort of place you'd fit, then why not introduce yourself:

Send a brief introduction to (no recruiters sorry).

That said, why might you NOT want to join us?

You enjoy the process of organising, categorising, and planning more than the satisfaction of shipping working code to customers.

 Honestly, you'd fit better in a larger organisation where these activities are often needed to coordinate larger teams. 

You enjoy the process of crafting great designs more than the satisfaction of shipping working software to customers.

 Honestly, you'll get really frustrated working here - we work to write good code in a sustainable way, but our livelihood depends on acting responsively to customer needs.