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Founded in 1980, European CNC Turned Parts Ltd has established an excellent reputation for providing a cost-effective service and for the manufacture and supply of high quality CNC turned parts.

Having pursued a policy of employing skilled staff and consistently reinvesting in the most up to date, high-yield CNC technology over the past 36 years, the company is able to deliver high quality CNC turned parts at a cost effective price to its still growing customer base. European CNC Turned Parts has formed long term relationships with many loyal clients; amongst other sectors served the company currently manufactures components for the demanding automotive, water, rail, printing, oil, gas and power generation industries. Commonly produced parts include collars, elbows, seal retainers, adaptors, valves and spacers.

Given European CNC Turned Parts' constant focus on product quality, a dedicated inspection room is equipped with an extensive range of precise inspection aids, whilst full S.P.C. analysis and reports are also made available.

In addition to purchasing state of the art machine tools, the company makes regular investments in the best available inspection equipment. As part of its on-going program of up-dating its quality function, European CNC Turned Parts has recently invested in an Aberlink Axiom too CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).

European CNC Turned Parts Ltd. Works Manager, Roy Goodwin explained. "We have achieved and work to the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008. To ensure that we maintain the high standards that our customers expect, our focus is always on quality. We ensure that in-process checks are constantly made, components are then thoroughly inspected before dispatch. For those customers who have their own inspection regimes and requirements, we are happy to liaise with them and to embrace their specific inspection criteria and requirements.

"As a constantly growing order book had begun to place a strain on our inspection department, we recently decided to purchase an accurate, rapid acting Coordinate Measuring Machine that could keep pace with our output. We found the ideal answer to our problem in a high performance CNC Axiom too CMM from Aberlink. Adding to its flexibility in addition to a touch probe the CMM was specified with a CMM camera to enable non-contact inspection routines to be performed.

"Since its installation and training of operators our staff have become skilled in the machine's use. As our operators take responsibility for the quality of their own output and as the Axiom too is so easy to operate we have placed it in an environmental enclosure in the middle of our shop floor. Now all required in-process checks can be made instantly. Also, the rapid CNC nature of our Aberlink CMM allows us to load large batches of completed components onto the machine's bed and to perform fully automatic fast and accurate final inspection routines.

"The high-precision and fast operating speed of our new Aberlink CNC CMM has significantly speeded up our inspection throughput and has removed the possibility of inspection bottle-neck. Also, the Axiom too has further improved our already high quality standards and inspection capabilities."