Horizon 1000 Request

Horizon 1000 CMM

Horizon 1000 CNC CMM

Extending The Linear Drive Horizon

Drawing upon the tremendous success of the Horizon 800, the Horizon 1000 has a larger X-Y-Z axis travel whilst utilising the same frictionless linear drives.

The entire design of the Horizon 1000 has been optimised to take full advantage of parts already used on the Horizon 800 whilst improving the stiffness-to-weight ratio across the bridge assembly. Most notably: The Y-axis rail is 200mm taller so that the same right-hand-side linear drive system is common and improves rigidity; the carriage assembly has reduced in size and weight, without compromising metrology performance, to improve the stiffess-to-weight ratio; the Z-axis motor has increased power to optimise its performance; the left-hand-side air bearing assembly has a custom extruded profile to keep weight to an absolute minimum and maintain stiffness.

High-performance, High-accuracy

The Horizon 1000 is a standout coordinate measuring machine with fast, smooth, and silent motion that is ideally suited to contact scanning. It also has a first-term accuracy specification of under two microns.

Horizon 1000 CMM
Horizon 1000 CMM

Unrivalled Reliability

Linear motors are non-contact and therefore have no wearing parts, thus provide the perfect solution for CMM drives, improving reliability and reducing maintenance.

  • Aberlink 3D measurement software for touch probe feature inspection
  • Windows based controller, machine controller card and peripherals
  • Steel CMM workbench with fixed monitor arm or control cabinet
  • Renishaw TP8 manual indexing probe head and integrated probe
  • Aberlink probe stylus kit
  • Aberlink Ø19mm sphere CMM requalification kit
  • User training course - up to 4 trainees and software user guide
  • 12 months full parts and labour warranty
  • Free telephone helpdesk support
  • Free software upgrades - no maintenance fees or contracts
  • Common Probe Options
  • RTP20
  • PH10T (w/TP20, TP200)
  • PH10M (w/SP25)
  • PH6M (w/SP25)

The Horizon can be supplied with any Renishaw touch trigger probe and probe head. For more help selecting the right probe, view our probe head comparison table.

Axis Travel (mm) X 1000
Y 1200, 2000
Z 800
Overall Size (mm) X 1603
Y 1830, 2630
Z 3110, 3160
Motion CNC
Structure Bridge
Suitable for Inspection Room
Drive Type Linear
*Volumetric Accuracy TP20
(1.9 + L/250)µm
(1.8 + L/250)µm
(1.75 + L/250)µm
Scale Resolution 0.1µm
**Optimum Temp Range 18 - 22°C
Operational Temp Range 5 - 45°C
Table Construction Solid Granite
Table Load Capacity 1000kg
Max. Velocity Vector 1000mm/sec
Max. Acceleration Vector 1000mm/sec²
Air Required Yes
Air Consumption 65 l/min (1.8 cfm)
Required Air Pressure 5 bar (72 psi)
Aberlink Camera Support Yes

*Maximum Permissible Error MPEE within the thermal limits defined for optimum temperature range. **Installation environmental thermal limits: Rate of change <1°C/hr and <2°C/24hr. Temperature gradient <1°C/m

Horizon 1000 CMM Product Video

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